Litigation Law


Our litigation philosophy is to attain the most intelligent, practical and cost effective results for our clients in an expeditious manner and with the least amount of frustration.

We are focused, experienced and strategically smart. These skills coupled with our extensive industry knowledge, commercial understanding and flexibility, set us apart from other, often larger, competitors.

With open access to the partner responsible for your matter and with a wealth of litigation experience in the High Court, Supreme Court, Federal Court, District Court, Local Court and various Tribunals, we are able to provide an exceptional service.

We have acted for our clients in the following areas of law:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Fair Trading & Trade Practices
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency
  • Intellectual Property
  • Building & Construction
  • Defamation
  • Insurance
  • Negligence and Nuisance
  • Property and Leasing disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Mortgagees exercising power of sale

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Debt Recovery Law, We collect all assets legally belonging to you.

Debt Recovery, Fixed Price Policy

Our fixed price legal service policy is aimed at clients who have internal debt collection processes and have made the commercial decision to sue. We only recommend legal action where we believe that it will have a strong chance of resulting in a successful recovery.

How are we different

The difference between Principal Lawyers and your traditional debt recovery service is that we provide a comprehensive legal service as well as your standard debt recovery service. We guarantee that every legal action is firstly vetted by a qualified solicitor who undertakes the overall responsibility of the matter. We do not outsource matters and our debt recovery and litigation services encompass all areas of debt collection. For instance, we will not hesitate to phone your debtor or draft a letter of demand and where necessary we will proceed to litigate and have your matter dealt with in Court.

For undefended claims we guarantee to take your matter right through to the judgment stage for one all inclusive cost.

So, in addition to providing a quality debt collection service we have the advantage of having a qualified solicitor look after your matter.


  • WillI need to go to court?

    Over 95% of our debt recovery matters result in either a default judgment or a settlement and in these circumstances there is no hearing and no need for evidence to be given at Court.

  • What is involved?

    Principal Lawyers will draft a statement of claim and all supporting documents necessary to enable default judgment to be entered in your favour. Prior to the issuing of any statement of claim, we will write to the debtor and furthermore we will send a letter after service of the statement of claim in an attempt to settle the matter without further expense. If the matter cannot be settled, we will pursue the matter until a judgment is entered in your favour.

  • What happens if the debtor does not pay on the judgement?

    Once we have a judgment entered in your name by the Court and a debtor refuses to pay, it is then necessary to take separate enforcement procedures.

    Principal Lawyers will discuss these enforcement options with you if and when the need arises. If in the event those enforcement proceedings are necessary, our lawyers will endeavour to tailor the best option to suit your individual circumstance.

    In a nutshell, we offer the following enforcement procedures: (1) Bankruptcy Proceedings (for Individuals). (2) Statutory Demands and subsequent Company Wind Up. (3) Examination orders and summonses. (4) Writs for levy of property. (5) Garnishee of earnings and/ or bank accounts.

Allow us to help you with debt recovery

We understand the commercial reality behind each and every one of your debts and we aim to conduct our matters in a timely and cost efficient manner. This is not an idle statement and we stand by what we say.

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